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= €6/kg of whole eggs

(after Tamalga's dilution with water)

1KG of Tamalga = 5kg of whole eggs ! (100 eggs) 

TAMALGA Original is a plant-based & gluten free powder blend designed to replace eggs in bakery applications - especially, raised or biscuit dough. 

Click to access the detailed baking process, and discover our 100% plant-based recipes ideas.

Way of use : Equivalent 1kg liquid egg = 200g of Tamalga Original powder + 800g of water.


Allergens: May contain traces of soy.


Do not consume the product directly as a powder or as a rehydrated version. The product must be used in a recipe according to the instructions for use. Liquid form should be used within 8h and stored at 4°C.

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Ingredients: Starches, faba bean protein, microalgae, wheat fiber, xanthan gum.

Shipping - 5 days

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For large volume

For orders over 25kg, please contact us Sales@algamafoods.com to take advantage of our bulk pricing and get the best value for your money.

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For large volumes

For large volumes, send your order directly via email at: sales@algamafoods.com