We explore plant-based products, still largely unknown, and we build with you the food innovations of the future.

Making algae an alternative to animal protein

Thanks to our scientific and technical expertise, we make algae an alternative to animal protein. We rely on fundamental research, the selection of new strains, the search for new ingredients and their formulation and the co-creation and industrialization of finished products with partners.

Your future bio-sourced ingredient

Our plant-based ingredients have exceptional nutritional and organoleptic qualities and are perfect alternatives to animal proteins.

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and nutritionists work together to meet your requirements: extraction processes, development of bio-sourced ingredients, products formulation, etc.

Need an ingredient?
  • Process

    - Technical extraction

    - Industrial application

    - Large extraction volumes

    - Scale-up

  • Development of ingredients

    -Organoleptic features
    -Physico-chemical features
    -Toxicology studie

    - Nutritional properties
    -Functional properties (foaming, emulsifying, water absorption ...)

  • Formulation from A to Z

    -Base on your specifications, or competition product, to switch the range to a plant based range formulation
    -Industrial project monitoring

    -Dedicated scale up process

  • Cobrand, startup studio from scratch to the moon

    -Consumers studies and nutrition claims insights
    -Team building, branding and marketing first steps
    -Acceleration and fundraising

Your product becomes 100% PLANT BASED

Based on your needs and precise specifications, we offer you our expertise in the formulation and analysis of the nutritional properties of food products with industrials partners and distributors.

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Your new food brand

We co brand food and beverage products using all the expertise and technologies of Algama. From scratch to an independent venture, Algama offers a one stop shop to all entrepreneurs, industrials and large companies.

Better, faster, stronger!

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